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An area of freedom in prison? A theatrical bridge between the closed and the open world?

Wait a minute, what is happening?

Unlocking – between theatre and resocialization

Since 5 years, we have been implementing an innovative theatre project called Unlocking at the Prison No. 1 of Wrocław. In a place like prison, every day we find out that theatre can be an active tool for transformation and reconstruction of relations between people.

Our project is one of the first in Europe, that promotes and develops professional theatre in prison. We implemented it from the very beginning with the support of the Municipality of Wrocław and the Grotowski Institute of Wrocław. Participants are male inmates of closed and half-open department.

Main aim of the project is not teaching acting techniques or rigid interpretations of theatre roles, but first of all – build a bridge and connect inmates with the outside society. We pursue this aim through the direct work, using theatre tools and presenting performances. A stable bridge that, in our belief, will support people such as the participants of our project, to return and open a path towards the outside society, co-created together.

In 2017 Reflection, our first performance, won the 4th National Competition of Prison Theatre Art in Poznan and received Grand Prix of the 26th National and 14th International Review of Prison Art in Sztum. In June and August 2017 the performance was presented at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw.

While building the second performance (KAIN), we also built a theatre in the heart of the Wrocław prison – a professional theatre space, renovated together by the whole team.

How can you help us?

All previous presentations of our performances evoked great interest of the audience, arousing vivid reactions, emotions, reflections, loud applauses. To be able to continue our work we need your support.

The collected money will be used for further work and development of Jubilo Foundation, including theatre lights, office equipment, stage sets for performances and materials needed for their implementation.

With our work, we want to say that we do not agree in separating people between strict definitions like good and bad, that we believe in the right of individual people to change and to show courage. If you agree with – support our work today. Build a space of freedom with us.

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Partners: Grotowski Institute, Penitentiary No 1 of Wrocław