Concert Of Traditional Songs

Date: 29th October 2015
MiserArt – Strefa Kultury w Labiryncie Wykluczenia ul. Cybulskiego 35a, Wrocław
Performed by: Samuel Alty, Agnieszka Bresler, Joshua Doerksen, Aleksandra Gronowska, Katarzyna Kapela, Aleksandra Kugacz, Diego Pileggi, Mariae Śmiarowska, Jacek Timingeriu
Project Coordinator: Agnieszka Krzaczkowska
Duration: 40 minut

The repertoire of the concert consists of songs from Bulgaria, Hungary, Georgia, Serbia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Morocco, Great Britain, United States and the Roma tradition.

I come to you (…) so that you don’t make a black night of a white day

Papusza, Gypsy poet

A concert as a journey, a travel, a path from city to city, from meeting to meeting, from song to song. Passing through diverse musical landscapes we aim to build a map of different countries, different cities and different people, drawing from the tradition of polyphonic singing, travelling Roma music and materials gathered by Jubilo Ensemble members in cultural expeditions to various European countries. The harmonies we create in the space will be symbolically and physically expressed by theatrical actions and performative elements, enriching the musical dramaturgy and leading us towards the next step of HIDDEN CITIES – the creation of a performance.

Project partners: The Grotowski Institute, MiserArt – Strefa Kultury w Labiryncie Wykluczenia, Zakład Karny Nr 1 in Wrocław

Financed by the Ministry of Culture in the Accessible Culture programme.

Photos: Dorota Romanowska

Photos: Yousef Al Hosam