Jubilo: searching for the language of Joy

To Shout With Joy

Jubilo is inspired by the call for artistic intervention against social exclusion within society. The name draws from the Latin roots of the word ‘jubilare’, meaning ‘to shout with joy.’ Within the fabric of every community, there are marginalised peoples living on the borders or invisibly within society, due to socio-economic exclusion, race/ethnicity, or developmental disabilities. This marginalisation between peoples within a community leads to the breakdown of human relations, conflicts, and ultimately the building of walls between different groups. Jubilo aims to intervene in this marginalisation through artistic encounters, where people meet one another as fellow artists and deepen their relationship through a common language.

Global Community

The artistic process of Jubilo is based in the idea of a ‘global community.’ Through workshops, performances, installations, and exchanges, we seek to plant seeds of artistic practices in every community that we encounter. These seeds are developed from specific elements of our own artistic practice as performers, based in movement, music, rhythm, voice, and ensemble relation. In addition to the performative practice, the project explores other branches of artistic exchange through visual arts, photography, writing, and documentary filmmaking. Jubilo takes an alternative path away from the stigma associated with therapy and social work. Rather, through the mutual act of an artistic meeting between two human beings, we seek to open a space for seeds to blossom and the individual’s creative voice to arise.