workshop 02-2015


Kobietostan (literally Womenstate) is a project about women, for women, by women.
Kobietostan is the condition of the contemporary woman, the mythical Women’s State, the inflorescence of women’s beauty. It’s the multidimensionality of a woman and of her role inside the society.

The project was initiated by Wroclaw-based actress Agnieszka Bresler, who has been since 2012 co-creating and co-leading the theatrical projects of Jubilo Foundation, all aimed at people in danger of social exclusion. Kobietostan was the winning project of the 4th edition of the Competition for NGO and social cooperatives organised by Artist-in- Residence Programme A-i-R Wro. Agnieszka invited London-based Italian theatre director Irene Ros to collaborate with her on Kobietostan; as Irene has been actively experimenting and creating within the theme of gender equality and the role of a woman in almost all of her performances. Wroclaw-based photographer Magdalena Mądra and actress Mariae Śmiarowska also participated in the project as guest artists.

Kobietostan is an attempt of creating a space for the beauty of excluded women, beauty that is often being rejected by the women themselves, overlooked by their environment, hidden and in need of discovery and exploration. The project expresses an immediate need of recognising and showing the excluded woman in the contemporary perspective of women’s empowerment, equality and emancipation. Kobietostan wants to raise those topics in a direct contact and artistic dialogue with the most incapacitated groups of women: female prisoners and homeless women.

Over the course of two weeks the artists led a series of meetings and workshops in two places – Female Detention Centre of the Penitentiary Prison No 1 in Wroclaw and Saint Brother Albert Shelter for Women and Mothers with Children. Working with the mentees of those institutions fed the artists in the process of creating an original performance, inspired by the meetings and the exploration of the contemporary state of women. They presented the results of their work in a public sharing on 4th December 2016 in Barbara.

Project was implemented in the framework of Artist-in- Residence Programme A-i- R Wro as a part of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 programme.
Artist-in- Residence Programme A-i- R is sunsidized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.




Kobietostan - workshops
Kobietostan - performance

Conversations with the women