Shout of Joy
Festival Cyrkulacje – PLANET KIDS – 23-27 April 2014 – Instytut Grotowskiego, Wrocław

The artists of Jubilo worked with a multi-cultural group of children and teenagers of the local Roma community. The participants had an active input into the development of the workshop, sharing their creativity and ideas as well as transmitting elements of their culture. The workshop helped them discover their own strengths and skills, hidden talents and means of creative expression, and at the same time aimed to promote respect and understanding for cultural differences. Workshop participants together with the artists of Jubilo prepared a short “Shout of Joy” presentation for the closing event of Cyrkulacje Festiwal.

Workshop leaders: Diego Pileggi, Agnieszka Bresler
Collaborators: Piotr Antek Kurjata, Joshua Doerksen, Ilona Krawczyk, Gabriel Rodriguez Almagro

Photography: Jakub Gładykowski, Gabriel Rodriguez Almagro