Jubilo Foundation are pleased to announce the third edition of the I Am workshop programme, developed in collaboration with and with the support of the Grotowski Institute. The main aim of the programme is to deliver a series of workshops articulated within the different areas of the company’s theatrical practice in order to develop and present the participants with the full spectrum of the ensemble’s methodology.

Fri 24 September 2021, 19:00–22:00, Na Grobli Studio
Sat 25 September 2021, 11:00–14:30, 16:00–19:00, Na Grobli Studio
Sun 26 September 2021, 11:00–14:30, 16:00–19:00, Na Grobli Studio
Studio na Grobli, Na Grobli Street 30/32 Wrocław
Grotowski Institute
Sign up:
It is possible to sign up for the entire series of workshops I Am, as well as for individual workshops with the themes: Action, Relation, Voice, Community. You can find the application form at the link below: http://bit.ly/2PQflH7. Enrollment for the last module – Community will last until September 10.

This workshop is the fourth session of Jubilo Foundation’s workshop programme. In it, the company will build a thematic, physical and creative bridge with Unlocking, a project Jubilo has been developing since 2015 under the auspices of the Grotowski Institute. Jubilo will share with the participants exercises and training elements used by the company during the development of their theatre work and artistic practice within the prison environment.

Starting from ensemble techniques, the work will shift to more direct questions connected to the composition of physical etudes and physical scores. In addition to the elements strictly correlated with actor training, we will focus on how to lead and apply theatrical techniques in non-theatrical environments (i.e. prisons, refugee camps, with people with physical and mental disabilities). Jubilo leaders will accompany the group in the process of acquisition, analysis and development of personal exercises, supporting the participant’s process of becoming a future leader of work. The participants will be softly accompanied in a process of personal exploration, questioning the role of theatre artists within our society as well as deepening, in a wider aspect, Jubilo’s applied work in a social environment.

During the development of this final work session, the participants will watch film footage and have an open discussion with the workshop leaders concerning the methodologies of the company.

The following technical elements will be developed in the workshop:

  • group dynamics/ensemble work
  • physical and spatial awareness
  • trust exercises
  • listening and relation
  • rhythm and relation
  • partnership exercises
  • composition and devising of physical etude
  • from text to physical score
  • observation of Jubilo’s methodology
  • proposal and leading of personal exercises
  • elements of relaxation and visualisation

The workshop is open to actors, singers, other performers as well as theatre teachers, directors and educators. Each participant will be asked to prepare two extracts of text (self-authored, theatrical or from other sources) connected to the topics of I Am and The Other and to propose a performance exercise to lead (i.e. physical, vocal).