Date of premiere: 24th November 2015
Penitentiary No 1 in Wroclaw

Performed by: Dawid, Dominik, J., Mateusz
Directed by: Diego Pileggi, Simona Sala, Agnieszka Bresler
Script: Agnieszka Bresler
Music: Dawid Ilczyszyn
Project coordinator: Agnieszka Krzaczkowska

Duration: 30 minutes


Reflection is a theatre performance created within the project of UNLOCKING, led by Jubilo Foundation since November 2014 in the premises of the Penitentiary No 1 in Wrocław. The project is financed by the Wrocław City Council and realised with support of the Grotowski Institute. Participating in it are inmates from closed and half-open departments of the prison.

The performance merges experiences, thoughts and emotions gathered during the workshop process, as well as improvisations and writings in response to Walt Whitman’s poem entitled “To You”. The script of the performance was written together with the participants and the leaders during the whole duration of the project, linking chosen written and musical materials, individual inspirations and ideas. Reflection is an attempt of transgressing the concept of an individual, questioning the relation with the other and our presence towards another human being, our perceiving of ourselves in the reflection of the other. The performance premiere took place on the 24th of November 2015 inside the Penitentiary Prison.

In 2017 Reflection won the 4th National Competition of Prison Theatre Art in Poznan and received Grand Prix of the 26th National and 14th International Review of Prison Art in Sztum. In June and August 2017 the performance was presented at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw.


Trailer of the performance

Premiere of Reflection

Photos: Marcin Maziej, Rita Baum nr 38 “Wykluczenie”

Reflection at the Polish Theatre in Poznan

Photos: Maciej Zakrzewski