Scherzo on Odra
Sunday 22nd June,  15.00 – Studio Na Grobli, Ul. Na Grobli 30/32, Wroclaw

Scherzo on Odra is an attempt to create the conditions of dialogue and common understanding, building a platform where people of the Wroclaw community would have the possibility of meeting and sharing experiences through the theatrical language of music and dances.

The event will be divided in two parts, a first one where audience could witness and participate in an open session of the work developed by Jubilo with Fundacja Opieka i Troska during the spring session of 2014 (apr-jun). During this part, members of the groups that have collaborated with Jubilo during 2014 would be present and invited to take part in the work.

The second part of the event will be a photo exhibition gathering moments and faces that the ensemble met in the last years as well as a collection of videos taken during Jubilo work sessions. During this part the ensemble would like to invite the guests to join them in a musical gathering where music and songs could be shared. We invite everyone to bring musical instruments with them.
Within the social fabric of any community, there are marginalized peoples living on the borders or roaming invisibly due to social, economic or cultural barriers. Jubilo aims to disintegrate these barriers through the action of artistic encounters.

The focus groups of these encounters are peoples who have been excluded from, or have limited means of contact with the cultural and social activities of the community. This includes but is not limited to mentally and physically disabled people, ethnic/racial minorities, the homeless, prisoners, juvenile delinquents, and substance abusers. The encounters are realized through a series of long-term workshops, which are focused on artistic exchange through the theatrical languages of movement, voice, and music. These workshops are led by the core artistic team of actors coming from Italy, Poland, Canada, Spain, Greece, and USA, with support from field workers and therapists from collaborating associations. Since March 2013, Jubilo is part of the Body Constitution program hosted and supported by The Grotowski Institute of Wroclaw.

This year Jubilo collaborates in Wroclaw with Fundacja Opieka i Troska, Fundacja PROM,  Stowarzyszenie Nomada,  Festival Cyrkulacje and En Dynamei  (in Thessaloniki, Greece).

We want to think of the community we live in not only as “Integrational” but more as an “Inclusive” community where boundaries and differences between people would not create distance but would be considered as the key element for positive confrontation and understanding. Simply meeting in the same space and accepting the proposal of others is the starting point for a deeper level of meeting, an opportunity for opening a dialogue.

Photos: Magdalena Mądra