Jubilo Foundation in collaboration with Ostoja Association has been leading since 2015 a long term programme of theatre workshops TEATROSTOJA. This year edition of the project, led by Agnieszka Bresler with a guest participation of Luigi Petrolini, is being realised from September to December 2017 with presentations of work scheduled for 12th-14th December.

The culmination of the project’s first edition (2015-2016) was the premiere of Exceptionally (not) About Us, a performance which premiered at the Centre for Artistic Initiatives in Wrocław on 5th June 2016.

Exceptionally (not) About Us is a theatre performance born out of moments of silence, fear and laughter, insecurity and overwhelming happiness, improvised and structured at the same time. The seeds out of which it grew were the proposals of each of the participants: ideas, gestures, dreams, poems and songs. They became the keys to the world of their self-expression, speaking out the great need of telling something to the rest of the world, so often
too busy or too deaf to hear the ir voices. It is a performance made of alive and honest contradictions, just like life itself.

What makes us exceptional?
How do we perceive disabled people?
How often do we speak of them, what do we say, do we speak truly?
Are we trying to see a human being under the surface of stereotypes, prejudices and schemes?

We want to tell you about ourselves. Ourselves throughout, outside, inside and through. We want to tell you what makes us happy, touches us, worries us or delights. How we see the world and how the world sees us. We want to tell you about ourselves, exceptionally and commonly. And by the way we might also want to tell you something about you, and about all of us.

Directed by: Agnieszka Bresler and Diego Pileggi
Script: Agnieszka Bresler
Assistant director: Aleksandra Kugacz
Artistic collaborator: Joshua Doerksen
Costumes, set design, projections and graphic design: Aleksandra Gronowska
Lights: Paweł Nowak
Project coordinator: Sebastian Kostera

Project participants: Anna Misterka, Bartek Kluczka, Izabela Nowak, Marcin Dąbrowski, Marzena Kita, Miłosz Dziubiński, Robert Stanisławek, Tomasz Wójtowicz

Financed by Gmina Wrocław

Photos: Stowarzyszenie Ostoja

Photos: Piotr Spigiel

Photos: Ewa Budnik