Jubilo Foundation’s theatre workshop with Diego Pileggi, Aleksandra Gronowska and members of the company in colaboration with Grotowski Institute in Wrocław.


Wed–Sun 13–17 July 2022, 
Na Grobli Studio, Grotowski Institute


11.00–14.00 work session
14.00–15.30 lunch break
15.30–18.30 work session

Workshops are lead in English with Polish translation.

Training will be mainly conducted barefoot. For your own safety, bring comfortable training clothes (long pants, with no buttons, belts or zippers).

Each participant will be asked to prepare a chosen text (self-written, theatrical, taken from literature or other sources), a personal song (preferably traditional) and an étude (physical structure with a beginning, a development and an end) of maximum 3 minutes connected to the topic: On the Other Side. In case the selected text will not be in English it is required to bring a printed English translation.

For whom?
The workshop is open to actors, performers, singers, students and all those interested in deepening their knowledge and experience about Jubilo’s physical theatre training articulated in its different work areas (body, voice and relation).

About workshops
In this intensive workshop session, we will focus on physical actions and the actor’s score and on how to approach and develop them in relation to external impulses (e.g. music, partner).

Instead of working on elements related to group dynamics and ensemble work, we will focus on individual tasks, improvisation and explorative elements that will allow participants to unlock  their personal physical expression and to question aprioristic perceptions/interpretations of proposed working materials (e.g. text).

Working with tools such as movement, text and body/voicework, each participant will be led through an explorative process acquiring new theatrical tools or deepening their relation with movement, text and body/voicework . This will open a personal creative process leading participants towards the composition of theatrical structures. The work on the body/voice and relation will be the internal compass that will guide us in this process of self-exploration and personal development within the actor’s craft.

The main aims of this workshop are to challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone in order to access a freer creative space as well as supporting them with tools that can strengthen their individual practices and independence as performers. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss with the workshop leaders the leaders’ methodologies and the ways theatre techniques can be applied in communities, specifically penitentiary system communities.

Technical elements developed in the workshops:

  • physical training: group dynamics and Ensemble work, action/reaction, grounding, elements of Kalarippayattu and individual training, physical and text exploration;
  • partnership exercises: elements of soft acrobatics and mutual exercises, leading/following, work on listening and relation, elements of contact, relation between the individual and the Ensemble;
  • vocal training: body/voice work, work on embodiment of the sound, breath work, work on resonators, harmony/dissonance, elements of polyphonic singing;
  • analysis and development of individual physical partitures;
  • work on improvisation and composition of theatrical structures.


Registration is provided via the form available at the link: https://bit.ly/Iam2022

Completed registration form to subscribe for workshops I Am. should be sent by 13th June. Participants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Places are limited. 

250 EUR (application by 29 April 2022)
300 EUR (application after 29 April 2022)