“Polyphonies from the Island”

Leaders: artistic team of Jubilo
Date: 02-05.05.2024
Registration: until 22.04.2024
Where: MiserArt, Wroclaw, 35A Cybulskiego St.

We invite you to an original workshop, during which you will learn polyphonic sacred and non-sacred (pastoral) songs, as well as broaden your theatrical experience by learning Jubilo’s working method.

The main impulse for the creation of this workshop is an expedition to Corsica, which members of the Jubilo Foundation organized with the support of Culture Moves Europe and the Goethe Institute in Brussels. Three weeks of meetings, workshops, participation in theatricalized Easter rituals, but above all, singing together with the masters of the genre – these are the experiences we want to share with you.

Starting from a common ground built on trust and team exercises, we will explore the combination of voice and body. We will use the latter as a kind of transition towards vocal and musical expression. Working with tools such as vocal and physical listening, tuning, impulse, rhythm and sound, we will open our voices to access our own personal process of exploration.

Technical elements of the workshop:
– listening and relating
– working on rhythm
– working on the breath
– harmony/dissonance
– work on the body/voice
– principles of polyphonic singing
– learning polyphonic songs from Corsica
– work on breath and dialogue
– relationship between drone and melody
– relationship between text and song
– relaxation and sound production

The workshop is aimed at actors, performers, singers, students and anyone interested in Jubilo’s theatrical work. Each participant is asked to prepare a personal song and a text of their choice (their own, theatrical, literary or from another source) referring to the theme of “Travel”.

Cost of the workshop: 280 Euro
Subscriptions: CV with application to email: jubiloproject@gmail.com

For further information:
IG: fundacjajubilo
Fb: facebook.com/FundacjaJubilo
Tel: (+48) 887419639