Scherzo#1 – A performative gatheringe
Thursday 19 Grudnia 2013,  Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych, Ul. Działkowka 15, Wrocław

During this evening a group of actors invites you to share their work and their meeting with songs from different traditions and regions. It will be an opportunity for everybody to listen, sing, dance and participate directly in the development of the evening. If you play an instrument… BRING IT! If you know some songs… SING THEM! Do you have a funny hat??? WEAR IT!

You’re invited to bring food and wine to share with everybody during the evening!!! We’ll wait for you in O.P.T. Ul. Działkowa 15, Wroclaw at 19.00 o’clock

It will be a fantastic opportunity to share something together!

SCHERZO#1 – performative gathering – active participation – sharing – live music – dj set. 

Photos: Karol Jarek