Singing Bridge. Melodies of memories and dreams was a multicultural, multigenerational celebration of the communities connected to the Podwale region of Wroclaw, whose heart and natural meetings point lies at the Bridge of St Anthony. On 20th June 2015 we transformed it together into a playing instrument, telling the stories, memories and dreams connected to the bridge.

The project was co-led by Fundacja Jubilo (artistic coordinator) and the organiser and coordinator Fundacja Integracji Społecznej PROM and it was realised within the BRIDGE BUILDERS programme of European Capitol of Culture Wroclaw 2016. Participating in the project were Polish and Roma children from PROM, adults with experience of mental illness from Stowarzyszenie Nie Jesteś Sam, seniors from Związek Emerytów, Rencistów i Inwalidów as well as families of the children and the local residents.

The final performance was created in the process of theatre and dance workshops led by the actors of Fundacja Jubilo: Diego Pileggi from Italy, Agnieszka Bresler from Poland, Joshua Doerksen from Canada as well as invited guests: Polish dancers Maria Fekecz and Katarzyna Małecka and musician Samuel Alty from New Zealand. All of the project’s participants: children and teenagers, adults and seniors met together to put all the elements developed in the theatre and dance workshops into one performance.

On 20th of June three dancing and singing theatre parades met by the Bridge of St Anthony in a theatrical gathering, inviting through music and dance all passers by to join them on their way. The participants presented a colourful performance with elements of music, dance (flamenco, Roma and modern), theatre and songs. After the performance we invited the audience and the participants to share an afternoon together, fulfilled with presentations, music, dance and many attractions. The Bridge of St Anthony become a bridge over divisions, age and origins – a place of meeting and experiencing the sense of community.

Photos: Maria Sadowska / Jakub Gładykowski