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Jubilo Foundation invites you to join the training programme for theatre operators implemented as part of the European project: “FREEWAY – Free man Walking, theater as a tool for detainees’ integration“, co-financed by Creative Europe.

The project will be carried out between 2020-2021 in partnership with Teatro Dei Venti (Italy), aufBruch KUNST GEFÄNGNIS STADT (Germany) and UPSDA Обединени професионалисти за устойчиво развитие (Bulgaria).

Deadline for the submission of applications: 30th April 2020.
The participation to the programme is free of charge.

The participants
The project is addressed to theatre operators, i.e. actors, directors, performers, artists, court curators, cultural organisers, students and all persons wishing to deepen their knowledge and experience in the field of theatre work in prison, as well as in adapting theatre techniques in different social environments.

Training programme:
The programme will be developed in 2020/2021. It will be divided into practical intense working modules inside the prison (36h) and outside, in the theatre (6h). The official project schedule shall be published after the selection of the group of participants.

Planned schedule of the programme implementation:
April/May 2021

ATTENTION! We will inform all the applicants in case of change of the periods of the activities in accordance with the development of the actual situation.

We will speak with all of you wishing to participate in the workshops via Skype.

The programme will be developed in two main areas:

I. Workshop sessions:
The selected group of participants will take part in practical sessions with members of the Jubilo Foundation and inmates, with a view to deepening their knowledge and experience in the application of theatre techniques in the social environment.

Technical elements of the workshops:
– group dynamics / teamwork
– physical and spatial awareness
– action/reaction
– partnership practice

During the extended practical sessions, the participants will also have the opportunity to join the theoretical part/discussion panel conducted in cooperation with Polish and international researchers and practitioners working in the field of prison theatre.

II. Artistic residencies
The participants selected during the training process will take part in the international exchange in the three partner countries.
The programme will conclude with four presentations of performances, during which the participants will have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences gained during the workshop sessions. Involvement in the programme, transport and accommodation of the participants of the artistic residencies is free of charge thanks to the financial support from the EACEA.

If you are interested in taking part in the project, please send your CV together with a cover letter to by 30th April. Selected persons will be invited for an interview between 1-7.05.2020. The number of places is limited (max.10 people). The Foundation reserves the right to contact only the selected candidates.

The project is co-financed by Creative Europe and the Municipality of Wrocław and run in collaboration with Instytut Grotowskiego.

About the FREEWAY project:
The general objective of the project is to strengthen and improve the capacities of cultural and social operators who develop theatre activities in prison, specifically through direct learning experience and exchange of knowledge.

The project consist of training activities directly involving operators / directors of partner theater companies, acotrs/inmates, theatre operators, audience/active citizienship, as well as development of theatre workshop, creation and prodaction of theatre performances with a common theme.

The main aims of the project are:
1. strengthening of theatre activities in prison and artistic production;
2. high level formation for theatre/social operators
3. audience development;
4. sharing of good practices at European level;

The project aims at the presentation of four performances (one for each partner) constructed and designed starting from a common theme that every theatre company will develop and articulate in acchordance to the needs and specificities connected to their own work within the Penitentiary System.

Each partner will select up to 15 actors/inmates to be part of the artistic team.

The relationship between fathers and sons, the inheritance, the transmission of knowledge and emotions between generations will be the common theme from which a draft of script will be prepared.