Scherzo for Andrzejki
Satuday 29 November 2014,  17.00 – MiserArt-Strefa Kultury w Labiryncie Wykluczenia, ul. Cybulskiego 35a, Wrocław

Jubilo in collaboration with Fundacja Homo Sacer invites you to SCHERZO for ANDRZEJKI – an evening of music, art and fortune telling. Join us on Saturday 29th November from 5pm in the space of MiserArt – Art of Culture in the Labirynth of Exclusion at Cybulskiego 35A.

Free entry. Please don’t forget to take good humour and bring something for our common table of snacks and deliciousness.


We invite formed and unformed groups, artists, singers, musicians, dancers etc. to participate in this event. We ask those interested to send us a short email to giving some info about yourself and a proposal of 5-10 minute material (the work of each group/artist – from circus acrobatics to a monologue, martial arts, dance or a song) which could become a part of the evening’s programme.
Members of Jubilo workshop groups will also take part in the event (adults from Fundacja Opieka i Troska and residents of Towarzystwo Brata Alberta homeless shelters) and it will be open to the public. Participation in the event will therefore be a chance to meet, present your work, explore collaboration with other artists and in the second part of the evening – an invitation to join in a musical jam session, in all kinds of fortune telling games and in an open meeting of everybody present.

*scherzo (Italian): literally – a joke; in music – a fast-moving humorous composition

Photos: Simona Sala