Performers: Dawid, Dominik, Janek, Marcin, Mateusz, Muniek, Paweł
Directed by: Diego Pileggi
Script adaptation: Agnieszka Bresler
Lights: Jachu
Scenography: Katarzyna Pieniawska
Costumes: Katarzyna Gierczyk
Technical Support: Rafał, Krzysiek, Marek, Łukasz
Educators: Katarzyna Płatek, Marcin Osmólski
Coordination: Paulina Anna Galanciak
Production: Martyna Dębowska

Duration: 45 min

Cain is the subsequent step of the work that Jubilo Foundation has been developing since 2014 within the Unlocking project. The project, run in the premises of the Penitentiary N.1 of Wroclaw with support of the Grotowski Institute, involves male inmates of closed and half open departments.
After the huge success of the performance „Reflection”, the ensemble began to reconstruct, trying to redefine the direction and the needs the newly assembled group had. We decided that the starting point of our next work should come directly from within ourselves and our human needs of expression, following the threads developed in our first performance. After an initial period of research based on improvisations, readings and writings, we slowly started to narrow our subject, arriving finally to defining the new work theme with a single word: Mark. Mark as a definition. Mark as an imposition; imposing of a role given by somebody else, and sometimes even by ourselves.

The figure of Cain, stripped of all its biblical references, led us to reflect on the human condition and the stigmatization of the Other. From within the solid prison walls we’ve been searching a passage towards the outside, towards society, out of our public bodies and status, discovering another level of presence: a re-definition of ourselves.

Project partners: The Grotowski Institute, Zakład Karny Nr 1 in Wrocław

Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund and by the City of Wrocław.

Photos: Maciej Zakrzewski

Photos: Paulina Anna Galanciak