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Theatre workshop for children led by Jubilo Project


workshop 02-2015

This workshop by the artists of Jubilo is designed for a multi-cultural group of children and/or teenagers. In the frame of such “meetings with the other” the workshop takes a form of a practical lesson on tolerance. The workshop uses elements of music and dance, theatre games and non-verbal communication – the language of mimicry and gestures. The participants have an active input into the development of the workshop, sharing their creativity and ideas as well as transmitting elements of their culture. The workshop aims at discovering both own strengths and skills, hidden talents and means of creative expression, but mostly at developing respect and understanding for cultural differences.

Max. 16 participants
Age: any
Workshop open to everybody. No previous theatre experience required.

Previous workshops:
– 14 April 2015 for a group of children from a local Roma camp, as part of an integrational meeting organised by Wrocławskiego Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego
– 22-26 September 2014 in the Social Education Centre in Koło as part of the Five Senses project
– 23-27 April 2015 for a Polish&Roma group of children and teenagers as part of PLANET KIDS Cyrkulacje Festival

Photos – colour: Jakub Gładykowski  black-white: Gabriel Rodriguez Almagro

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