Jubilo is a theatre group born in 2011 in Wrocław, Poland, driven by the need for artistic intervention as a protest against cultural exclusion. Jubilo aims to topple social, economic, language and cultural barriers through artistic encounters where the platform of exchange is the language of theatre and music. The group leads long-term workshop encounters and directs performance pieces that build a space for theatre dialogue between the participants and Jubilo.

Since its inception, the Ensemble has worked with physically and mentally disabled, Roma minorities, homeless, refugees, and prisoners. Jubilo collaborates with many arts organisations and theatres in Wrocław, including the Grotowski Institute.

For many years now, the company has been leading, in collaboration with the Grotowski Institute the project Unlocking, adressed to inmates of closed and half opened departments, which has produced the award-winning performance piece Reflection, (2015), Kain (2019) and the performative installation Kain In Absentia (2020). Within this project, the company develops different platforms including theatre training for inmates, a professionalization programme within the disciplines of theatre and academic research. Jubilo has also been a founding member of the International Network of Theatre in Prison (INTiP, with the patronage of Unesco) and collaborates with the Italian Network of Theatre in Prison (Coordinamento Nazionale Teatro in Carcere). Within the different activities of the company, Jubilo cooperates with professional theatres in Poland and abroad leading international workshop programmes and artistic projects. Since 2017 the Ensemble has been participating in international projects such as Erasmus+ and Creative Europe.

Jubilo presented its work in many international festivals and theatre events, including the festival Dreams Before Dawn in Paris, the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, the National Festival of Theatre in Prison Destini Incrociati and the International Conference of Theatre in Prison I Teatri delle Diversità in Italy. The company collaborates with academics and researchers throughout Europe, including doctoral students from Università La Sapienza di Roma and the University of Reading, where research is being done on the subject of professional theatre in prison.
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Magdalena Młynarczyk (PL)
Karolina Ptak (PL)[/box] [row][column size=”1/3″][box title=”PR Manager” color=”#AAAAAA”]Jakub Tokarski (PL) [/box] [row][column size=”1/3″][box title=”Artistic Collaborators” color=”#AAAAAA”]Aleksandra Gronowska (PL)
Katarzyna Pieniawska/Scenography (PL)
[/box] [row][column size=”1/3″][box title=”External Collaborators” color=”#AAAAAA”] Martina Storani/PHD Research (IT)
Magdalena Mosteanu (PL)
Maciej Zakrzewski/Photography (PL)
Katarzyna Gierczyk/Costumes (PL)
[/box] [row][column size=”1/3″][box title=”Past Collaborators” color=”#AAAAAA”] Martyna Dębowska (PL)
Kamil Downarowicz (PL)
Agnieszka Bresler (PL)
Agnieszka Krzaczkowska (PL)
Joshua Doerksen (CAN)
Simona Sala (IT)
Aleksandra Kugacz (PL)
Samuel Alty (NZ)
Katarzyna Kapela (PL)
Jacek Timingeriu (PL)
Mariae Śmiarowska (PL)
Daniel Han (USA)
Gabriel Rodriguez Almagro(ESP)
Alexandra Kazazou (GR)
Piotr Kurjata (PL)
Ilona Krawczyk (PL)[/box] [/column] [column size=”2/3″]

Diego Pileggi – founder and leader of the Jubilo Foundation, director, actor, theatre educator. Graduate of MA in Acting at Manchester Metropolitan University and Communication Science (Theatre) at Università degli Studi di Milano (2007). Since 2011, he has been the founding member and leader of Jubilo, a theatre company based in Wroclaw (PL) that develops work with marginalised groups. With the company, he has directed and developed theatre projects in different milieus including prisons, Roma communities, facilities for people with intellectual and physical disabilities, and refugee camps.

Since 2014, Pileggi has been the co-founder and leader of Unlocking, an innovative theatre project addressed to inmates of closed and half open departments, developed in collaboration with the Grotowski Institute and penitentiaries throughout Poland. The main aim of the project is to develop a horizontal platform of cooperation with the participants of the work, based on theatrical techniques, in order to open a process of self-definition, personal growth and support their reintroduction to the outside society. Within Unlocking, he directed the performances Reflection (co-director 2015), Kain (2019), Kain In Absentia (2020) and On the Other Side/Passage (2020).

He is a founding member of the International Network of Theatre in Prison (INTiP, with the patronage of Unesco) and collaborates with the Italian Network of Theatre in Prison (Coordinamento Nazionale Teatro in Carcere). In the last years he has developed national and international projects with institutional, theatrical and academic bodies, related to the topic of Theatre in Prison (i.e. Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Università la Sapienza di Roma).

For many years, his work is run in collaboration with the Wrocław-based Grotowski Institute, where he develops his personal theatrical research and a formation program for performers and actors, whose main focus consists in the development of theatrical training techniques within the frame of physical and ensemble-based practices. As a theatre researcher and educator, his approach is rooted into research theatre and process-based work, with a specific interest in body-voice, psycho-physical training and personal expression.

As a director, performer and workshop leader he has been cooperating with theatrical institutions in Poland and abroad (i.e. Tehran International Festival, Polski Theatre, National Academy of Theatre Arts). He is a founding member of the Italy-based theatre company Il Giardino delle Ore.