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Jubilo was founded in November 2011 in Wrocław, Poland by theatre practitioners Daniel Han and Diego Pileggi. The artistic team is composed of Polish and international theatre practitioners and musicians based in Wroclaw, Poland. In addition to the core artistic team, Jubilo also has a team of visual artists, documentary filmmakers, and photographers who collaborate on the creative process.  In 2013 Jubilo became Foundation Jubilo.

Artistic Director
Diego Pileggi (IT)
Project Manager
Anna Cłapińska (PL)
Magdalena Młynarczyk (PL)
PR Manager
Jakub Tokarski (PL)
Artistic Collaborators
Aleksandra Gronowska (PL)
Katarzyna Pieniawska/Scenography (PL)
External Collaborators
Martina Storani/PHD Research (IT)
Magdalena Mosteanu (PL)
Maciej Zakrzewski/Photography (PL)
Katarzyna Gierczyk/Costumes (PL)
Past Collaborators
Martyna Dębowska (PL)
Kamil Downarowicz (PL)
Agnieszka Bresler (PL)
Agnieszka Krzaczkowska (PL)
Joshua Doerksen (CAN)
Simona Sala (IT)
Aleksandra Kugacz (PL)
Samuel Alty (NZ)
Katarzyna Kapela (PL)
Jacek Timingeriu (PL)
Mariae Śmiarowska (PL)
Daniel Han (USA)
Gabriel Rodriguez Almagro(ESP)
Alexandra Kazazou (GR)
Piotr Kurjata (PL)
Ilona Krawczyk (PL)

Diego Pileggi is an Italian actor and director. He obtained an MA in Acting from the postgraduate drama programme of Manchester Metropolitan University, run in collaboration with Song of the Goat Theatre (2011) and a degree in Performative Arts from Università degli Studi di Milano (2007). He is a founding member of Odra Ensemble (2012), a physical theatre company run in collaboration with Song of the Goat Theatre, and of Italy-based theatre company Il Giardino delle Ore (2010). Diego Pileggi is the leader of Oistros, a theatre research expedition focused on the south Italian ritual of Tarantismo, as well as on traditional work/liturgical songs and knife fight. Since 2012 he has been a founding member and leader of Jubilo, a theatre company that develops work with groups marginalised by society. With Jubilo he has given workshops, directed and developed theatre projects in different milieus including with people with mental and physical disabilities, refugees, Roma community members and prisoners.

In 2015 Diego Pileggi led Hidden Cities, a project of Jubilo Foundation, which aimed at bringing theatre performances to places that have no direct access to culture (prison, Roma camp, homeless centre). As part of this project, he directed the performance Black Night White Day and a concert of traditional songs.

As actor and pedagogue, Diego has collaborated with the Grotowski Institute, In Medias Res ensemble, Polski Theatre (Wrocław, Warsaw), Teatro dell’Albero, and many others.